24FPS – Video Filter & LUT

تعداد دانلود 11 بار


24FPS welcomes you to record and edit videos with real life cinematic filters inspired by movie titles, with built-in A.I. that learns your color aesthetics overtime to recommend unique effects.


• Give any video with a cinematic look with professionally-made LUTs.

• A.I. filter recommendation that learns you as your use the app more.

• Stabilize footage as you record for cinematically smooth tracking.

• Inertia zoom to make any close-up dramatic and fun.

• Built-in high quality face-thinning and realistic skin smoothing.

• Record and instantly save filtered videos with no delay.

• Add music and edit your clips with a full editing suite.

• Import and process any videos from your existing libraries.

• Import and use any Polarr QR Filters or LUT (.cube) files.

اطلاعات برنامه

حجم نرم افزار : 73.9 MB

حداقل نسخه مجاز IOS : 12 به بالا

ورژن اپ : 1.1.3

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